Secure your documents using blockchain technology.

A solution for signing agents, escrow companies, legal, medical professionals, and anyone who needs to store secure and immutable documents. SAFEBOX helps connect all your documents, securing them through the blockchain for secure authentication and immutability.

Secure your document's authenticity

Digital documents are given an immutable code in the blockchain system. The code is stored in the blockchain and can be easily verified to see if the document has been tampered.

Keep all your documents from changes

SAFEBOX helps you maintain the authenticity of all your documents, through the security of the Ethereum blockchain. Affordably and with easy access.

Error-free and transparent

Make your digital documents immutable by placing them into the blockchain. The terms & conditions of the documents and the access to the blockchain code are open & only available to the parties involved. This means that no disputes will arise as to which is the latest version of the document.

Make your Contracts Smart

in three simple steps.

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A blockchain-based network built specifically for creating smart contracts and other digital documents. A blockchain-based system that helps users make their contracts immutable.
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