SAFEBOX is a digital platform that allows you to digitize your important documents using the blockchain system. The platform gives you complete and also direct access to the blockchain network, hassle-free.

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and Blockchain Technology.

SAFEBOX works on replacing the traditional methods for document handling, such as, pdf, encrypted emails, Docusign, Mind cast, adobe sign, etc., all these are third-party services that authenticate your document. The security provided is in terms of encrypted data, password, as well as digital signature, which, when hacked, loses all its authenticity.
However, with SAFEBOX, you can directly ensure integrity as well as the authenticity of the record, without relying on any of the third-party systems. SAFEBOX works directly with a Blockchain system. The blockchain system allows you to place your document in an open network securely, that cannot be altered or lost.
SAFEBOX provides SaaS-based services to its customers, giving them direct access to their files on the blockchain system, helping them with validating, safekeeping, and also transferring their files. Blockchain offers many benefits, and one of the most important is immutability. Immutability means providing security as well as integrity to the records.

SAFEBOX allows its users to store the documents in the blockchain system, bringing security and assurance to our clients that their file has not tampered. This immutability transforms the entire record-keeping process, making it efficient, cost-effective, and also fast. These benefits help users increase their daily business, therefore, ultimately increasing their profits.

Our Plans

At SAFEBOX, users are generally given three ways to ensure their document safety. They can select from our three plans- View, Basic, and Premium [SIGN UP], depending on their requirements. Each plan provides immutable data storage along with security. We are helping attorneys, signing agents, medical professionals, and also many more a smooth shift from their traditional methods to a more secure and reliable service, helping them gain more profits and customers.