Share your Documents Securely using Blockchain Technology

A solution for signing agents, escrow companies, legal & medical professionals, and anyone who needs to share records, files, deeds, or scan backs securely and reliably

How SAFEBOX™ Works

Share Files

Easily share and acess important documents digitally with blockchain security

Share larger files easily and efficiently

Now forget about the size hurdle. SAFEBOX™ allows you to share larger files easily.

One password
for Everything

Forget multiple passwords, with SAFEBOX™, you get one password to share various files, without having to worry about security.

Share larger files with SAFEBOX™ powered with Blockchain

Get double layered security with SAFEBOX™

SAFEBOX™, allows you to pump your account with extra security and features, enabling you to share your documents affordably and efficiently through Ethereum blockchain

Offering the Best

Safely share important documents
and much more…

Sharing secured with blockchain
Sharing secured
with blockchain

Comes with free

Larger files
sharedwith ease
One password for all documents
One password for
all documents
Solution for  signing agents
Solution for
signing agents

Guarantee document

SAFEBOX™ Features

Companies we’ve worked with


  • Get Immutable blockchain protection
  • Automate the record-keeping
  • Digitize your documents, go paperless

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