Signing agents or public notaries are commissioned officers of the state, that perform significant work related to the signing of documents, identity verification, and the prevention of fraudulent activity.

Since one of their tasks is affirming the authenticity of the documents and its signing, they need to make sure that these documents are tamper-proof, till the end. This is a very challenging task, as the notary public has to deal with loads of them daily.
SAFEBOX helps notaries by taking this burden off their shoulders. At SAFEBOX, you get a unique code for each document to check the authenticity later. This unique code reflects any change in the record.

Problems with conventional methods

Manual verification of the document.

Keeping the documents safe by storing them in a secure place, so no one can tamper with them.

Keeping track of all the changes made, in case of the written document.

Giving proof of the existence of certain conditions and terms.

With SAFEBOX, the signing agents don’t have to keep track of everything manually, therefore, resolving all these problems. SAFEBOX gives its users a platform that lets them keep track of all the records and help verify them.

How the blockchain system helps  the certified agents


The documents once written becomes immutable, meaning you cannot change them. At SAFEBOX, signing agents are given a code to verify the document’s authenticity. There is only one code generated for the given record. The signing agent needs to keep this code safe and later use it to verify the document.

Securing the documents in the blockchain system

Signing agents are working on many documents at a time. The main responsibility of any signing agent is to maintain these documents until you require them again. So, keeping these records in the blockchain system resolves this issue with ease. Here the signing agents don’t have to worry about the location of the document. All the documents are safe and secure in one place and agents can access them anytime.

Transparent contract 

There are instances where the terms and conditions of the document change during the contract period. Moreover, keeping track of these changes is very difficult for any signing agent. With the blockchain system, the signing agent and the individuals involved in the transaction can monitor the contract and also verify the terms and conditions they have set. The entire record of the transaction is updated on the system. This record can be viewed and verified with the previous contract.

Assure integrity of the document

All the documents in the blockchain system have a record. If there is any change in the document, the system stores it as a new record. The signing agent and the parties involved can use to check the document’s integrity. 

Anytime and anyplace access 

Keeping the documents in the blockchain system means you can access the records from anywhere and at any time.

Storing the document in the blockchain system is one of the best ways to manage the documents for notary publics. As there are several documents they need to work on regularly, it can become hectic and confusing for any agent. SAFEBOX helps these certified agents manage the documents hassle-free.