There’s a better way to notarize documents.

SAFEBOX makes it easy for a certified agent as well as a public notary to quickly authenticate documents without compromising on security.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could notarize more documents in less time?

As a public notary, you need to routinely authenticate documents and verify signatures. This work is essential, but it can also be tedious, time-consuming, and challenging, particularly when working with a small team. There are only so many hours in a day. We can’t change the clocks, but we have done the next best thing, creating software that makes the secure document authentication process easier and faster.

Work smarter, not harder with SAFEBOX

With SAFEBOX, each document is assigned a unique code when entered into the system. This makes it easier to check document authenticity on your schedule, while simultaneously tracking all changes to the record. Now, instead of tracking things manually, signing agents can keep files secure using the SAFEBOX platform. Conventional methods rely on human labor to verify documents, track changes, and also to ensure tamper-proof security. Our software replicates that using the blockchain.

Key Platform Advantages

Immutable Documents for Peace of Mind and Security

Once written, your documents are immutable and assigned a unique authentication code for future verification. There is only one code issued, thus, giving the documents an extra level of security.

100% Transparency Enforced by the Blockchain

Worried about instances where the terms and conditions of a document must be altered? SAFEBOX accurately as well as securely keeps track of these changes. The amended contracts will be updated into the system, where it can be viewed and also verified alongside the original document.

Easy Access, from Anywhere

The biggest advantage of Safebox’s blockchain-powered software is the improved access you’ll have to your documents. Using the unique code, you can verify as well as authenticate documents from anywhere, without compromising thesecurity and quality of your work.

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