Medical Profession

Medical profession aim at maintaining and restoring the good health of the individual. The main work of this field involves: identifying, diagnosing, and also treating individual well being.

However, the role of medical professionals does not stop here, there is also research work that goes on in this field, which involves collecting and studying a tremendous amount of data. This data needs to be shared and kept safe to prevent any kind of tampering or alteration.

This is where SAFEBOX helps medical professionals.

SAFEBOX connects professionals with blockchain technology. The blockchain system is a new way to store the data online. There is no risk of data loss due to the system failure, thus, keeping all the medical records and research safe.

Problems with the traditional system

Breach of data

Loss of data due to system failure.

Inaccessible from any location.

No data integrity.

No secure means to share data.

How the blockchain system helps medical professionals

No data loss

The biggest threat that any medical professional faces are the loss of data due to system failure. If the system storing the data fails, then there is a loss of all the research and the patient records. With the blockchain system, there is no such fear of system failure. The distributed ledger stores the data in the blockchain system. This means the data is not in one location but replicated to multiple locations on the system. So, if the one node turns bad, the data is still safe and accessible.

Preventing any data breaches or record mix up 

Medical records must be kept securely in a location where only high ranking professionals are granted access. This is because the treatment of the patients is based on these records. There are some reported cases where the records are tampered with whereas in some cases, the records get mixed up. This is very dangerous as the patient’s health is concerned here. Keeping the records in the blockchain system helps to securely place them in a safe location. The records once added to the system cannot be changed. If there is any kind of change in the record, it will be added as a new record and will not replace the previous one. This way it will be easy to track the changes made to the records.

On-demand data access

One of the biggest benefits of the blockchain system is on-demand access. The medical professionals don’t have to physically go down to the place where the records or documents are saved. They can easily access them from where they currently are with just a few clicks.

Supply chain integrity

The blockchain system not only helps keep the records secure but also helps to manage the drug supply chain. Far too often drug records that are sent to medical facilities are counterfeited. This affects the entire medical system. With the blockchain system, the drugs and other medical equipment logs can be safely stored in the system, which cannot be tampered or altered. Healthcare professionals can use it to keep track of the individual product items thereby reducing any kind of tampering.